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Do lentils grow better in hot water or in cold water?

Ana Calvo Vilouta

Carmen Diaz Moreiras

Raquel Carballo Romero

Marta García Pumares.

In this project we will explain how we got to the conclusion that lentils grow taller and faster when they are watered with hot water, instead of cold.

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Jelly beans´ colorants

Celia Midón

Anair Ramos

Andrés Gil

Antonio Rodríguez

jelly beans´ colorants

Mozart effect

Lucía Álvarez Rodríguez

Ángela Camino López

L.Patricia Sanmiguel Vázquez


Sí participamos no premio Luis Freire


De verdade existe un efecto Mozart, é dicir, a xente concéntrase máis e lembra mellor se ten un fondo de música clásica ,en concreto música de Mozart?

Tras una investigación previa a formulación da hipótese, fixemos una serie de experientos para comprobala cun cunxunto de voluntarios. Tras comprobar os datos existirá de verdade un efecto Mozart?

MOZART EFFECT en español

Science Project

As another more Unit, this Year we are going to work on a Science Project. You have to do a small creative research, in groups and using Galician language or English.  You can follow this instructions: S Project guidelines

You can get information about Luis Freire Award here:  premio luis F

News: extra points to your grade

You can get extra points doing a news (in Science) per month: choose a news from media or google and follow this instructions, do a presentation and you´ll get up to 0,3 extra points to add a test, once per month.
You can find some here: , , , or others you like much more

Guidelines: News

Unit 7 The reproductive system

We are jumping into Unit 7 to look at our reproductive system. We hope, Lee and me, Adela, that you can learn a bit more about our body to take care of it much better now. A video: the reproductive system Other many different sources:   ,  human reproduction animation,

Class presentation: ReproductionAV ,  Unit 7 Reprod.Vocab AV

Spermatogenesis and oogenesis:

Unit 4. The circulatory and excretory systems

The correct function of cells in our body depend, to a great extent, on the extracellular fluid remaining constant.

Circulatory and excretory systems help to keep this fluid constant, this is homeostasis and help us to keep healthy. You can find some documents that were given to you in class here:

Vocabulary circulatory  exercises cardiac output graph 2

Circulatroy system : class  presentation

Videos: blood: video1,   video 2,   video 3,  video 4.        heart and circulation:  video 1,   video 2,  video 3 .           Lymphatic system:  video 1,  video 2,

The excretory  system:  presentation:   2010urinaryfernandoigcse-100201120839-phpapp01 ,        animation ,     video1 ,  video 2