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Unit 4. The circulatory and excretory systems

The correct function of cells in our body depend, to a great extent, on the extracellular fluid remaining constant.

Circulatory and excretory systems help to keep this fluid constant, this is homeostasis and help us to keep healthy. You can find some documents that were given to you in class here:

Vocabulary circulatory  exercises cardiac output graph 2

Circulatroy system : class  presentation

Videos: blood: video1,   video 2,   video 3,  video 4.        heart and circulation:  video 1,   video 2,  video 3 .           Lymphatic system:  video 1,  video 2,

The excretory  system:  presentation:   2010urinaryfernandoigcse-100201120839-phpapp01 ,        animation ,     video1 ,  video 2